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BRITTANY BRUSH is an Artist, Channel, & Spiritual Coach whose life mission is dedicated to the conscious evolution of humanity.  Brittany’s work exists to shine light on the true nature of our existence, helping others to navigate awakening to both the human and divine experiences happening within each of us. 

Brittany’s work in its many forms serves to truly connect humanity to the depths of their experience, helping each individuated expression in realizing the divine union that connects the conscious awareness of the universe to one’s own soul—guiding itself through all life and multidimensional experience. 

Her artwork and direct experiential research is a translation of the Awakening process unfolding through the artist, becoming one with the Universe within.  


This Awakening was the inflection point where Brittany’s life was converging into one black hole search for meaning, purpose, desire, her soul, and the truest form of her Self within. It was in a dark place lost somewhere in the void, living out an existential crisis that Brittany found her burning light within. 

Through a series of inner intuitive prompts, she was inspired by God to start a journey which led her down the path of her awakening. This experience was a radical breaking open of the illusion of the three dimensional world and a portal opening into the spiritual dimension of life. 


Brittany experienced an accelerated awakening of consciousness and the spontaneous activation of her psychic centers. She became aware that she was discovering herself and God through her artwork. Her art, life and purpose merged into a unified spiritual vortex of energy acutely tuned in to her mission on earth.

The source and seed of this mission were the dreams and visions that would create the reality that is now the universe of Brittany Brush. It was these same prompts from the divine that led her to create an ecosystem of projects that would her allow to connect with the world beyond the confines of the traditional fine art establishment. This includes her video platform ConsciousAwakening.TV which is dedicated to all individuals on their Awakening path seeking to expand their consciousness and change the world in the process.

Her artwork is energy made through the act of conscious co-creation. It exists as digital transmission, as embodied experience, and it has the power to shift how we experience ourselves and the world.

Brittany views conscious creation as creating with an expanded awareness of the self beyond the human experience, with an intention to channel divine light, birthing sacred universal wisdom into the world through artistic expression.

“I often loosely define my overall artistic practice as a means of fusing internal and external realities. I frequently look towards the external: physical environments, landscapes, and experiences—and merge them with the internal: energy, vibration, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, creating the potential to experience shifts into elevated states of consciousness that perhaps the viewer would not experience otherwise.

When I create, I am continually in a state of thinking more about the viewer, than about myself, honoring the viewer's ongoing search for a deeper version of their internal selves, and creating an environment for that to occur.

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Lives and works in

Southern California


The Art Shift

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